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Our Prices

A guide to our fees generally

Prices for Wills

  • Simple single Will £220.00 +VAT
  • Simple mirror Wills £400.00 +VAT
  • Single Asset Protection Trust Will £450.00 +VAT, includes letters of guidance to trustees
  • Mirror Asset Protection Trust Wills £795.00 +VAT, includes Letters of Guidance to Trustees and Land Registry applications to protect the property

(Additional fees may be incurred depending on number of legacies, whether multiple properties need addressing at the Land Registry and the complexity of a client’s wishes surrounding Letters of Guidance to Trustees etc)

Inheritance tax planning

Open ended, general advice £255 per hour +VAT. This may be relevant to those with business or farm succession issues or clients simply wanting to ensure the most tax efficiency over their estates.

As a guide our fees for inheritance tax planning and the preparation of a bespoke Will would usually be in the region of £1,500-2,500 +VAT depending on complexities.  

Lifetime Property Protection Trusts

For a single person, fees will be in the region of £1,800.00 +VAT to include preparation of the Trust documents, registration of the transfer with the Land Registry, registration of the Trust with HMRC and preparation of a more straightforward simplified Will (if appropriate).

For a couple undertaking the same planning, our fees will be in the region of £2,200 +VAT inclusive of the registrations and the simplified Wills (if appropriate).

If, after a client receives our written advice surrounding placing assets into a Trust and opts not to proceed, our fees would be capped at £395.00 +VAT for meeting with the clients and providing the bespoke written advice.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

  • Single £395.00 +VAT
  • Double £595.00 +VAT
  • 4x LPAs £1000.00 +VAT

Plus court registration fee of £82.00 per document, depending on the client’s level of income. In some instances a reduced fee of £41.00 can be applied per document.

Our fees include more than just form filling and will include us acting as certificate provider and witness, preparation of a letter of guidance if needed, advice links for attorneys, application for fee remission if required, full registration, free storage and 2x free certified copies of all LPAs for use at a later date.

There are many other reasons we may be able to assist a client, such as preparation of Advanced Decisions (Living Wills), Court of Protection Applications, etc, so for anything more specialized, please do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate.